We teach professional shooting and tactics. We train soldiers, law enforcement officers, private security sector as well as responsible, civilian gun owners. The knowledge we provide is an outcome of years spent on body mechanics research and over a decade of combat experience. Here in DTF every delivered method is proven effective in combat situation or in personal defense scenario.

With us you can start your adventure with firearms on a basic course, moving safely to more and more advanced workshops, finally reaching an opportunity to attend tactical scenario based trainings. If you are a shooter already, we will help you reach another level of excellence.

Except that, our skills are also used for providing high quality photo and video materials for firearms and tactical equipment manufacturers. We work with brands such as: NFM Group, Norsegear and Schmeisser Germany.


Mateusz – DTF founder. From early years he has followed his unexplainable passion for shooting. His focus was simple – find the way to be faster and more accurate. He concentrates on creating new methods and influencing the existing ones with effective human body mechanics. His work is studying weapon manipulation process in dynamic and combat environment. His charisma and enthusiasm make people listen and absorb the shooting knowledge like a sponge.